Indio Residents Upset Over “Amateur” Pavement Construction Work

Kamari Esquerra

“If any of these city employees, would they like that in front of their home? I highly doubt it,” said Derric Teran, an Indio resident. 

A new project in Indio is working to transform some neighborhoods in the city, but also working some resident’s nerves.  

“They’re doing the neighborhood project which we appreciate because it’s putting sidewalks in the neighborhood that haven’t had sidewalks since these homes were built,” said Teran. 

But the problem is… 

“When you look at some of the stuff, it’s just horribly done,” said Teran. “It looks crooked, it’s bad.” 

Teran has lived in the community since it was constructed in the mid-1900s and one thing he and other residents have always wanted were sidewalks. The city of Indio announced on Friday it will begin its pavement rehabilitation project to repave streets and construct ramp curbs in the Zalay Ranch and Park Paseo communities, but so far residents aren’t pleased. 

“We’re grateful for the kids to be safe and that’s wonderful, but some of the piecework that they’ve done looks kind of Mickey Mouse,” said Teran. 

According to a city press release, the maintenance program is intended to restore streets – extending its service life and minimizing further deterioration, while in the process making the communities more visually appealing.  

“It’s concerning. They came in telling us they’re gonna make the neighborhood beautiful, but when I look at some of this stuff, it looks like a child pieced it all together,” said Teran. 

Teran says “retaining walls” were installed in front of people’s homes. 

“But they’re not even straight. I mean, when you look at them, they’re crooked, everything else, it’s kind of absurd,” said Teran.  

The construction of sidewalks and driveways were also disfigured. 

“Some parts of the walkway, the sidewalk is wider than others. It’s thin in some areas. I don’t understand any rhyme or reason to their layout or the way they did this,” said Teran. “They were supposed to come in and square the aprons off… instead, they left them at an angle and when they left them at an angle, it’s like when you drive in and out, now you’re running over dirt.”

Residents are calling on the city to acknowledge the mistakes and make the adjustments.  

“It’s been an ongoing process and an ongoing battle to keep up with these people to make sure they’re gonna do what they said they’re gonna do,” said Teran. “We’re grateful, honestly, we are grateful to have our kids safe, and to have a sidewalk to walk on, but the way it was done? Kind of amateur.”

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