Vendors At Riverside County Fair And Date Festival To Look Out For

Tiani Jadulang

The Riverside County Fair and Date Festival is fun for both locals and visitors.

The vendors are the backbone of this event, and many of them come from different parts of the country.

Vendors make their way to the Coachella Valley almost every year to help show off their delicious food or talented art skills, in hope to put a smile on the face of those around them.

“It’s just a really good time to have someone sitting down, you’re drawing with them and talking to them, and bringing joy to people is really what I love about it.” says Mariah Johnson, a caricature artist who made her way to the valley from Palmer, Alaska. 

One booth in particular, is filled with independent caricature artists, all from different parts of the country. 

“That’s one of the spices of life when it comes to caricature. It’s just like adding those little points to exaggerate. It’s like a form of communication almost to your audience and to their customers.” Johnson says. 

She said an opportunity to come to California was too good to miss out.

“Sunshine, like I live in Alaska. So I came here specifically, you know, to draw but I also just came here for the sunshine and to get some Vitamin D… and just to talk about people as well, it’s such a nice time.”

All three artists working at the booth are world renowned, caricature artists and say they’ve been able to make a living doing what they love.

“I think it’s the best job in the world to travel and have fun. I do art. You know, I provide for my family, my friends, my caricature art friends. It’s just my way of living life.” says Damon Renthrope, another caricature artist.

While drawing caricatures, the audience is able to depict all different styles that these artists have, which is all dependent on who they’re drawing.

“Means that we get to bring joy to all the people here, especially with drawing. You know, we have people sit down every single day and like they can’t experience something they’ve never get to experience.” says Andre Bland. 

They’ve particularly enjoyed the crowd at this year’s fair.

“It’s always fun to be in the Riverside County fair. It feels like a small town, but it’s a good feeling. Good energy. People are always nice. We always have fun, and we’re looking forward to being here.”  Renthrope says.

This Thursday is NBC Palm Springs and Univision day at the fair, so make sure to mention us to get 5 dollars off your ticket.

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