Lilly Pulitzer & Break The Love Rally Celebrates Women’s History Month

Tiani Jadulang

To kick off both Women’s History Month and the BNP Paribas open this year, fashion brand Lilly Pulitzer and tennis app, Break The Love hosted a rally earlier this morning.

The event kicked off with a panel full of women involved in the sport, helping push for a brighter future for the Women’s Tennis Association.  

“I think it’s important just to bring some awareness to what these amazing ladies are doing and how, you know our sport is giving back and, and growing at the same time.” says Shelby Rogers, the Women’s Tennis Associations 39th ranked player in the world.

The event started with a panel with tennis legend Rosie Casals, WTA President Micky Lawler, and tennis player Shelby Rogers.

“Just ladies coming together as one, you know, the unification is really nice to see.” Rogers says.

Both organizations hosting the event are female founded brands, sticking to the theme and the focus of the occasion.

Lilly Pulitzer’s new clothing line named Print with Purpose, Holding Court Collection, relays the message that the organizers are trying to get across.

“Yes, it’s so important just because at the end of day we’ve obviously made a lot of progress, with women’s history starting with obviously the passing of Title IX, 50 years ago.” says Trisha Goyal, the founder and CEO of Break The Love.

Helping push forward a brighter future for women in the sport of tennis.

“Being able to gather today with the first four that had equal pay for you know, female athletes is really incredible to be able to look back in history and learn more about how we can actually continue to push forward.” Goyal says.

The clothing line will donate $50,000 from its collection to WTA charities, which will provide access to racquet sport activities for young girls and women at the grassroots level.

Leaving members of the WTA excited to see what’s to come for the future of their sport.

“It’s great, I mean, it’s a really inspiring event being around so many successful women that are just go-getters and you know, really chasing their dreams. So it’s really an honor to be here and excited for for what the future holds.” Rogers says.

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