Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test Available At Desert Regional Medical Center

Kamari Esquerra

Desert Regional Medical Center is now offering the Galleri test, a cancer early detection test that can detect multiple cancers not commonly screened for today. 

“The early detection of cancer is one of the ways we can best fight cancer. And this test offers the possibility of detecting up to 50 different cancers in an early stage,” said Dr. Elber Camacho, Medical Director for the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Desert Regional Medical Center. 

The Galleri multi-cancer early detection blood test was first introduced in the Coachella Valley at the inaugural Galleri Classic tournament.  The Palm Springs hospital and GRAIL, a biotechnology company, are now partnering together to provide the test to the general public at Desert Regional’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. With just a simple blood draw, the test can detect abnormal DNA in the bloodstream that may signal the presence of cancer. 

“We all have DNA in our cells and cancer cells carry DNA. But cancer cells have damaged DNA. When the cells die, that damaged DNA can circulate in the blood,” said Dr. Camacho.

Results will indicate whether or not cancer signals were detected, and if so, identify where in the body the signals may be coming from. While the test can detect the presence of cancer, it’s not a cancer diagnosis. Health officials say routine cancer screenings are still necessary. 

“It is very important to continue to screen cancers, those cancers that have a regular screening,” said Dr. Camacho. “This test is not a substitute for that. It’s an addition to those regular screenings of the 5 major cancers that everyone should continue to do.”

The Galleri test is intended for people with an elevated risk of cancer such as those aged 50 or older or those with a significant family history of cancer. It is not available for those ages 21 or younger, those who are pregnant, or those currently undergoing cancer treatment. The Galleri test is only available by prescription and is not covered by insurance. The test has not been cleared or approved by the FDA. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit the link here at or call (844)522-8348.

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