Students Learn Farm To Table Process At Indian Wells Farmers Market

Tiani Jadulang

A group of students here in the Coachella Valley got the opportunity to learn about farmers and where their food comes from at the Indian Wells Farmers Market.

Just a few weeks ago, Christiana Green taught students at Gerald Ford Elementary School about how farmers grow their local produce. Now students got the opportunity to speak with the farmers themselves.

“Gives them that first bite of tasting something that was freshly picked from them from the farm and they’re never going to taste a tomato or a cucumber that tasted better. So why not start them off with the tastiest treats.” says Christiana Green, the founder of the Indian Wells Farmers Market.

Green took it upon herself to educate students across the valley on what goes into a farmers market, and how exactly the farmers grow their food.

“When I went there a couple of weeks ago, kids were asked how long they thought food took to grow, and many of them would say a matter of days, like four days or so… and so we went through how long it takes for temperature and time and weather and seeds and everything of how it takes to grow something.”

Green had one goal in mind.

“Trying to increase their appreciation for the farmer and for their food.”

One farmer says local farmers markets are a whole different world in comparison to store-bought food, and hopes more will educate the youth on the differences.

“I feel like every single kid should learn about it, and have the chance to know about the local farmers markets and the different flavors, compared to the store-bought farm stuff that will be in the grocery stores for about a week or so it’ll lose its flavor compared to like fresh out of the ground two hours ago.” says Jordan Jaime from Black Sheep Farms.

Leo and Gladys with Blissful bees say teaching the students the different types of honey they provide creates a reaction that they hope to see more of.

“It’s amazing to see the reactions that you know, they don’t know this… so we’re here to teach them and you know, because they’re the next generation that’s gonna make the world better.” Gladys says.

Green hopes to continue to educate locals on the deeper meaning behind the farmers market.

“Food is the fundamental source of everything that keeps us alive, and I really want to increase the appreciation and respect that we have for food because it fuels us on a daily basis.”

For those interested in learning more about the farm-to-table process, the Indian Wells Farmers Market is open on Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the parking lot of Southwest Church.

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