First Responders Prepare For Splash House Weekend

Tiani Jadulang

While temperatures have been mild these past few weeks, they may still be warmer than some visitors are used to, as they plan to spend the weekend poolside.

Tonight our local first responders have some advice to keep festival go-ers, safe.

The fun begins tonight for this weekend’s three day festival but with the moderate heat, and alcohol involved, that doesn’t always mix well.

 The city’s plan is to keep everyone safe. 

People from all over the state and beyond are in town for yet another music festival weekend, this time around, it’s Splash House.

“We are going to Splash House.. Wooo!” says two festival attendees.

With festival-goers excited to experience a number of different things this weekend.

“Honestly, the good vibes I mean friendly people, good music and all around just a bundle of fun. That’s it.” says another attendee.

For first responders in Palm Springs, they prepare for this festival year round. 

“Dehydration is an issue throughout the year, so we’re always ready, but with Splash House coming into town we have ice chests in our rigs and we can put extra IV bags in there to keep them cooler to help when we do need to start IV’s on dehydrated people.” says Captain Nathan Gunkel, the Public Information Officer for the Palm Springs Fire Department.

As far as preventing any heat-related issues, the Palm Springs Fire Department urges folks to have a plan.

“If they can reduce the alcohol consumption the night before, reduce caffeine, especially during the day, drink as much water as you can.”

As the festival continues to grow year after year, first responders also recommend sticking with people you know.

“Just be smart. Try and only drink the drinks that you bought. Try not drink one that people gave to you because you don’t know what’s inside there. A lot of these street drugs are popular drugs nowadays and increase your body temp as well. So people think they’re taking pretty harmless drugs but the side effect is the higher temperatures.” Capt. Gunkel says.

The bottom line.

“Please stay hydrated. You can’t drink enough water, don’t wait till you’re thirsty to start drinking. You need to come in prior to this, be hydrated the day before. You gotta train for these events.”


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