Coachella Valley Firebirds Generates Millions for Local Businesses

Carmela Karcher

“It’s brought me a lot of business,” Desert Beer Company Owner and Brewer Devon Sanchez said. “People are coming out not only to just come before the games to enjoy a craft beer, but they’ll actually come here and watch the game.”

As of April, over 325,000 fans have walked through the doors of Acrisure Arena.

And with them comes lots of business.

According to a recent study, the arena is projected to generate over $100 million in direct visitor spending in just its first year.

“It’s incredible,” Acrisure Arena and Coachella Valley Firebirds SVP John Page said. “From parking to our food and beverage sales to our merchandise sales to ticketing, I mean, it’s millions and millions of dollars. I think that’s the thing that nobody really quite understood is how excited the community would really be and respond to something that’s their true team.”

But the arena can fit only so many fans.

So for those who can’t make it to games, they go to watch the action elsewhere at places like Desert Beer Company.

“Every time we have a game down the street, they’ll come in before the game if they’re going and the ones that can’t make it, they’ll come and enjoy the game here on TV,” Devon Sanchez continued. “It’s very nice to have that local support.”

Sanchez has owned Desert Beer Company since 2019, right before the pandemic.

Ever since the Firebirds came to town, it became an extra boost Sanchez is thankful for.

“It was very, very difficult, but I’m very excited for all we have going forward,” Sanchez shared. “During game days a lot I’ll do specials. So now I’m doing a special where you can come in, grab a glass of beer and get a discount on your beer to go. It’s 50% off of crowler, which is a can that’s sealed with fresh beer in it.”

And he’s not alone in feeling the impact.

“You run into restaurants down the street and they’re saying our restaurants are filled before games and after games,” Page explained. “It really gives people an opportunity to do things that they haven’t done before.”

“It’s a huge support,” Sanchez continued. “We have the best hockey team in the nation.”

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