Inside the Fierce, Colorful World of “Nimona”

Manny The Movie Guy

I love, love, love “Nimona.”  It’s a forward-thinking character driven piece that is also highly entertaining.  And in the middle is Chloë Grace Moretz voicing our heroine Nimona.

Based on ND Stevenson’s beloved graphic novel, “Nimona” from directors Nick Bruno and Troy Quane speaks volumes on morality – what is good and what is bad.  And it just might be a shapeshifting teenager with an attitude named Nimona who can save the day.

I spoke to the men of “Nimona” with Riz Ahmed (Ballister Boldheart) and Eugene Lee Yang (Ambrosius Goldenloin).  See our interview below.  For our complete look at “Nimona,” click here.

“Nimona” begins streaming on Netflix on June 30.

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