Walter Clark Legal Group Donates Over 500 Backpacks To Van Buren Elementary School

Tiani Jadulang

Even though the storm damage delayed the first day for some students, today, one group helped hand out school supplies and backpacks to students, preparing them for the big day.

Students at Van Buren Elementary School received new backpacks along with some school supplies, all thanks to Walter Clark Legal Group’s newest effort to donate backpacks to disadvantaged schools within the community.

“Something like this is absolutely crucial and very, very important for our families.” Melissa Pizano Grunnet, the Principal of Van Buren Elementary School says.

This is the first year the Walter Clark Legal Group has partnered with elementary schools in the surrounding areas, to help supply students with the essentials.

“It provides them with a brand new backpack, an exciting way to start the school year so that they can have all of the school supplies that they need to be successful in school and at home as well.” Pizano-Grunnet says.

A total of 550 backpacks were donated to Van Buren Elementary School, but for the Walter Clark Legal Group, it goes beyond school supplies.

“Focus on helping with education that helps the future job market. I want to see kids get into college. So yes, that is one of the most important things in the community and we want to be involved in whatever we can with education issues.” Walter Clark says.

For many families whose children attend the school, donations like this are a huge help.

“It’s difficult right now for our families. Some of our families are migrant families, which means that someone in their family travels for the harvest in different parts of the area, especially in Central California, so packing up a family in a car. There isn’t always a lot of extra room for school supplies, so when they get here and we’re able to give them a backpack with school supplies, school uniforms, and get them to start a successful school year, that’s a great way in which to welcome the student back to school.” Pizano Grunnet says.

Now, to continue this effort, the Walter Clark Legal Group will give away another 500 backpacks to Booker T. Washington Elementary School.

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