Valley Resident Loses Family Member To War In Israel

Tiani Jadulang

Just days ago, we connected with one Palm Desert resident who was fearful for her family and nephew fighting in Israel, today she told us the unfortunate news, her nephew was killed, while taking care of other soldiers in battle.

“The soldiers knocked on the door and told them, he knew, we knew when he said the soldiers in my house, we knew that he’s dead. We knew that he’s not gonna come back home.” Rachel Glisko a Coachella Valley resident says, about her nephew who was killed in the war in Israel.

Glisko was born and spent much of her life in Israel, and has family that still lives there, including her 20 year old nephew, Itai Ofek Glisko, who fought under the Israel Defense Forces.

Saturday morning, she found out the unimaginable.

“I want everybody to know that my nephew was a hero. He really was a hero. He fought for his country. I have no words, you know. I can only sit and cry and say, why they took him away from us.” Glisko says.

Itai was born in New Jersey, and spent half of his life in the states before moving to Israel to be closer to family.

He had plans to return to the states after serving his time in Israel.

“He just finished school, he finished school when he was 18, and after two months, he go into the army. He didn’t say nothing. He wanted to come back to the states in 10 months, when he finished, he wanted to come back here and study in the university.” Glisko adds.

Itai’s body will be left to rest Saturday morning, with family by his side in both Israel and here in the Coachella Valley.

“He was great, he was kind. He had manners. He liked to help people, always helped people. He always put himself before to protect his friends to protect his family. Everybody loved him. He always had a smile on his face.”

Rachel says she’s going to stream the funeral service for her nephew, and say a few words. 

Her family has made it their mission to keep his spirit and fight alive.

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