Barkee LaRoux’s House Of Love Helps Rescue Over 120 Senior Dogs

Tiani Jadulang

One local resident has created a safe space for senior dogs without a home, making her house a place for multiple four legged friends in need of care.

Barkee LaRoux’s House of Love has rescued over 120 abandoned, neglected, and hospice senior dogs from all over the state, giving these animals a second chance at life.

It all started with one senior dog rescue, over a decade ago.

Carlynne and Alex Mcdonnell moved from their gated community home in Palm Springs to a spot with more land where more animals would be allowed to stay on one property, Sky Valley.

“We are like dog mother and dog father, we take in dogs that have mostly or are at the end of their life or medical issues that no one else really wants.” Carlynne Mcdonell, the Founder of Barkee LaRoux’s House of Love says.

The Mcdonnell’s treat, feed, and love anywhere from 10-15 senior dogs at a time.

Carlynne says adding each individual four legged friend into the sanctuary, regardless of where they came from, is a process.

“Once we get them, they all go to the vet and they all get blood work and x-rays, we try to determine what if anything is wrong with them and I can tell you that they’re all something wrong with them and usually it’s major.” Mcdonnell adds.

Many of the dogs within the home came from animal shelters throughout the state, leaving the Mcdonnell’s with high hopes of making this dog sanctuary a home catered for both humans and dogs.

“We transformed a bedroom into a dog room that has stock food, medicine, pee pads, clothing, you know, the paperwork, everything that they would need, and it’s a place where they can go to the bathroom at night without having to go outside.” Mcdonnell says.

The two also added a “Zen room” for the dogs, giving them space to roam when it rains.

Overall, their end goal is to create a nice and comfortable space for those animals that didn’t get to experience a family of their own.

“I feel like animals are a lifetime commitment, and when a dog is 15 or 16 or 17 years old, they deserve to have you know their family around and when it’s their time. They deserve to have them there to escort them on. I just want to make sure that they have the best end of life possible. It means a lot to me to be able to do it.” Carly Mcdonnell says.

Now Mcdonnell says her end goal is for others to take spay and neutering their animals more seriously, as it would better the health of many dogs, especially in their elder years.

To donate to Barkee LaRoux’s House of Love, you can head to the website below or donate to the organizations Paypal, Venmo, or send a check to their P.O. box.


Venmo: @barkee

P.O. box: 2845 Palm Springs, California, 92263

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