• When Do You Think You Will Retire? If Ever?

    Everybody has his or her own view of retirement. Does yours involve working beyond a typical retirement age, or even failing to retire at all? A new survey from CareerBuilder shows that a substantial number of Americans are expecting something other than a traditional retirement. The survey found that 30% of workers at or beyond […]

  • Many Tax Refunds Going To Pay Down Debt

    Are you expecting a tax refund this year, and if so, what do you plan to do with it? The annual survey by the National Retail Federation suggests that in 2017, almost two-thirds of taxpayers expect to receive a refund, and many of those taxpayers plan to use their refund responsibly by paying down debt. […]

  • Are You “Friends” With The Internal Revenue Service?

    How many people like the IRS? According to Facebook, it’s more than 50,000! If you regularly use social media outlets to stay in touch with friends and follow people or businesses that you find interesting and relevant, consider adding the Internal Revenue Service as part of your social media interaction. Not everyone is comfortable with […]

  • Co-Signing A Loan Could Postpone Your Retirement

    We all want to help our children get the best start in life, and for many that includes helping them avoid excessive debt. That can lead you to co-signing student loans (or other credit sources) to help your children qualify for credit. You can then teach them how to manage debt responsibly. Isn’t that desirable? […]

  • Spending & Saving Advice For College Grads

    Even though retiring is the furthest thing from the minds of most twenty-somethings, you need to invest sooner, rather than later for one reason you have an advantage over everyone else: time. Time to let your money grow exponentially. There is a reason Albert Einstein is credited with calling compound interest "the 8th wonder of […]

  • The 411: What To Tell Credit Bureaus When You Lose A Loved One

    The death of a loved one is a very traumatic experience. Credit concerns and/or identity theft are nowhere near the top of your list of concerns when you lose a spouse or a child nor should they be. However, there are important steps that you must take quickly to avoid identity theft and fraud perpetrated […]

  • Rent-to-Own Homes, What You Need To Know

    You have spotted the house of your dreams, and it is on the market but you cannot afford to buy it at the moment. Perhaps you do not have enough down payment funds, or your credit score is not good enough to get a mortgage loan. Don’t give up yet. You have one other possibility […]

  • The Very Dark Warning From Billionaire Investor Ray Dalio

    Famed hedge-fund billionaire Ray Dalio fears the world today looks an awful lot like it did before World War II. Dalio’s words are closely watched because he founded the world’s largest hedge fund: Bridgewater Associates, with $160 billion in assets. Dalio’s peculiar management style of "radical transparency" has led some to also call Bridgewater the […]

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