• Our Desert Past: The Book Dealer

    Local writer Eric Meeks (the Best Guide Ever to Palm Springs Celebrity Homes) has crossed paths with some very interesting figures during his time as a book dealer in Palm Springs. He recently spoke to NBC Palm Springs Steve Sumrall about his experiences for this insight into Our Desert Past.

  • Our Desert Past: Elvis in the Desert

    This week we’re telling the tales of Elvis, Priscilla, a meddling gossip columnist and some shot up television sets!
    It’s ELVIS IN THE DESERT, in this edition of OUR DESERT PAST with STEVE SUMRALL!
    Much thanks to Eric Meeks, author of The Best Guide Ever to Palm Springs Celebrity Homes, for his assistance with this project!

  • Our Desert Past: Pop Quiz

    In this week’s edition of Our Desert Past, it’s time for a pop quiz! I’m visiting the Palm Springs Villagefest to find out just how much of local history is known by the general public.
    Feel free to tune in and play along!

  • Our Desert Past: Philip Boyd

    In 1938, Philip L. Boyd was appointed the mayor of the newly incorporated city of Palm Springs. Hear his story (much of which is in his own words, thanks to a 1986 interview conducted by the Palm Springs Public Library) in this edition of Our Desert Past with Steve Sumrall!

  • Our Desert Past: Al Wertheimer

    Long before our valley experienced legalized gambling, a visitor from Michigan opened some underground casinos near Palm Springs, despite opposition from city leaders. His name was Al Wertheimer, and he was a part of Our Desert Past!

  • Our Desert Past: Memories of El Mirador

    NBC Palm Springs Steve Sumrall has uncovered some footage of a major celebrity event at Palm Springs historic El Mirador Resort back in 1936. So, what happened there, and how does it relate to a couple of famed MGM musicals? Find out in this edition of Our Desert Past!
    Much thanks to desertedfilm.org, the site which houses the short film which is profiled here.

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