• Voters Helping Save the Sea

    For years experts have warned about the catastrophic effects a shrinking Salton Sea will have on the valley.  “It would have a big impact on the economy here on the north end it would be tourism economy primarily on the south end it would be agricultural economy, the dust is going to harm the crops and […]

  • Low Tide: The Salton Sea Crisis (Health Impact)

    Diminishing water supplies, the receding body of water is now close to 20,000 acres of parched, salt encrusted shoreline, and it’s ill health effects are glaring. With salinity levels at record highs, and toxic dust storms, many residents are suffering. Christian Garza is no stranger to the dust. Growing up on the north end of […]

  • Low Tide: The Salton Sea Crisis (The Past)

    The picture we have become accustomed to when we think about the Salton Sea: a dying body of water, fish die-offs, algae blooms, and abandoned buildings and homes. But, there was a time when the Salton Sea was a much loved resort getaway. “I’d come with my uncle and my dad and his friends, and […]

  • Salton Sea Residents React To EPA Rollbacks

    President Trump signed an executive order today reversing a number of EPA policies and now residents near the Salton Sea worry that his move could impede efforts to restore the Salton Sea. Over the years the lake began to shrink from a lack of farm runoff water. If it dries up, fine particles and other chemicals could […]

  • Funding Secured for Salton Sea Management Plan

    A decade-long plan for dust suppression and habitat building projects at the Salton Sea will be fully funded, a Coachella Valley lawmaker’s office announced Friday. Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, D-Coachella said that a “productive meeting” Thursday “between Governor Brown and representatives from our local Salton Sea Authority,” led to $280 million in funding for two park […]

  • Salton Sea Activists Plead For Help In Sacramento

    Local Salton Sea activists squared off with state water officials in Sacramento as water transfers from the Colorado River are set to expire. 15 years ago an agreement was made to cut off water transfers going into the Salton sea from the Colorado river. Now the Salton Sea is in more danger than ever. Did you […]

  • North Lake Project Latest Aimed at Salton Sea Restoration

    A proposed $400 million project to build a protective barrier surrounding the Salton Sea is the latest initiative aimed at restoring the lake and preserving its receding shoreline. The “North Lake Vision” proposed by Fourth District Supervisor V. Manuel Perez involves the creation of an “enhanced infrastructure finance district” that would issue bonds for the […]

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