7: Daylight Savings Time Forever

What it would do:

Repeal the the 1949 law that created Daylight Savings Time. If passed, the Legislature would then be able to pass a law with a two-thirds majority finally nixing the biannual tradition of moving clocks backward and forward every spring and fall. That is, assuming the federal government let’s us get away with it.

What it would cost the government:

Not much. Messing with our clock could affect energy consumption and worker productivity, but it’s not clear how or by how much.

Why it is on the ballot:

Democratic Assemblyman Kansen Chu of San Jose carried a bill the Legislature passed to place the measure on the ballot. Gov. Jerry Brown’s signing statement declared “Fiat Lux!”—the motto of his alma mater UC Berkeley. It’s Latin for “Let there be light.”

Story Credit and Breakdown of Propositions: CalMatters.Org