8: Dialysis Clinic Profit Pruning

What it would do:

Require companies operating dialysis clinics to payback any profits over 15 percent of qualifying business costs. Payments would be made to insurance companies or to individuals who pay out of pocket.

What it would cost the government:

Probably not much, though depending on how dialysis clinics respond to the law, state and local governments could see fairly small changes to their health care budgets or income tax revenues.

Why it is on the ballot:

The majority of California dialysis clinics, which serve patients suffering from kidney failure, are owned by two for-profit companies: DaVita Kidney Care and Fresenius Medical Care. The Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers have had their sights trained on the industry for years. They’ve sponsored legislation and floated ballot measures to mandate higher staffing ratios and regulate insurance payments.

Story Credit and Breakdown of Propositions: CalMatters.Org