• “The Bad Guys”

    Based on the popular children’s series of books, “The Bad Guys” tells the story of a group of criminals who want to be good to be bad.  Take a look at what I think of the animated film. 

  • “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”

    Jim Carrey returns as the big bad evil doctor in the sequel “Sonic the Hedgehog 2.”  James Marsden is back as well so is the manic energy from the first film.  But is the sequel worth your time and money?  Take a look at my review.  

  • “Morbius”

    Jared Leto stars as a living vampire in “Morbius.” But are all of his gnarling and growling worth it? Take a look at my review of “Morbius.”

  • “Turning Red”

    Imagine turning into a giant red panda when you get excited or stressed! That’s the predicament our heroine is facing in the new Disney/Pixar film “Turning Red.” Is it perfect for the whole family? Take a look.

  • “The Matrix Resurrections”

    Keanu Reeves returns to the world of “The Matrix” with director Lana Wachowski.  But is the sequel good?  Check out my review of “The Matrix Resurrections.”

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