Max Rodriguez

Max Rodriguez

Walter Caballero

Covering the 2016 presidential election for National Public Radio, surrounded by passionate voters outside the White House, was unthinkable for Max just a few years ago.

Max is class of 2010 from Coachella Valley High School, and all he’s known in his life is hard work and dedication. He grew up surrounded by a passionate community working their way to the American dream.

After graduating high school, Max knew wanted to tell stories about his community. To learn the tools, he decided for CSU San Bernardino and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. During undergrad, he came across a newsroom and fell in love. When he wasn’t in class, he was editing audio at KVCR, the Inland Empire’s NPR.

Telling stories continued to be his clear passion, and he advanced his education at Boston University. Max graduated with a M.S. in Journalism from the College of Communication and learned from some of the top journalists in the nation.

Graduate school became Max’s training ground, and he continued the public radio route as an interned at WBUR in Boston. As much as he loved Boston, Max decided to complete his studies at Washington D.C. and report during the presidential election.

Journalism also allows Max to fulfill his passion for traveling. He explored rural Northern California as a video reporter for North Coast News. When he wasn’t in the newsroom, he was hiking the Redwood National Forest or the lost coast of Humboldt County.

Max goes wherever news leads him, but he could not be happier, it has brought him home.