• Cal ISO: Power Outages averted due to conservation

        The California Independent System Operator  (Cal ISO) said that power outages Sunday were averted because consumers voluntarily cut back on electricity usage. The announcement came via a Tweet just before 9:00PM Sunday. Earlier, Cal ISO issued a dire warning that rolling power blackouts were “likely” starting at 4:00PM Sunday unless Californians drastically reduced […]

  • CAL-ISO Issues Statewide Flex Alert for the Holiday Weekend

    A statewide flex alert has been issued heading into the holiday weekend. California is asking people to conserve energy starting Saturday between the hours of 3 and 9 PM, and it will continue into Labor Day. NBC Palm Springs spoke to experts on energy conservation and our very own experts in our weather department to […]

  • Californians responded-Blackouts Averted

    The California Independent System Operator (Cal ISO) which controls electricity flow throughout the state, says rolling blackout were averted Wednesday because Californians responded to pleas to cut electricity usage. Because of extreme demand on the state’s electrical supplies, Cal ISO issued Flex Alert at 2:00PM Wednesday, compared to 3:00PM in previous days.  The alert called […]

  • Power Grid Failure Causes some to Blame Solar

    There’s a push to go solar but have we pushed it too far? Senator Melissa Melendez says yes. On Facebook she posted: “California’s residential electric power rates are 55.8% higher than the average of other states. CA’s commercial power rates are 69.7% higher than those of other states. CA’s industrial rates are 115% higher. Alternative […]

  • Blackouts Monday averted-Cal ISO: “Conservation efforts worked”

    The California Independent System Operator (ISO) tonight issued the following announcement that no rotating power outages are anticipated, thanks to reduced demand due to consumer conservation and cooler than expected weather. The grid operator earlier declared a Stage 2 Emergency, and had expected to have to order load shed to take the strain off the grid. […]

  • Rolling Blackouts Hit California-Worst since 2001

    An estimated 300,000 customers throughout California lost electricity Friday night as the state’s intricate electrical system was unable to keep up with power demand during an excessive heat wave. Shortly after 6:30PM, the California Independent System Operator (Cal ISO) which controls power flow throughout much of the state issued a Stage 3 power emergency after […]

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