• SpaceX Awarded Contract To Launch NASA Mission To Jupiter Moon Europa

    NASA announced Friday it has awarded Hawthorne-based SpaceX a $178 million contract to launch the first mission aimed at conducting detailed investigations of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, including a search for potentially life-supporting water. SpaceX is expected to employ its Falcon Heavy rocket to launch the Europa Clipper mission from Cape Canaveral in Florida, with […]

  • Mars launch: NASA sends Perseverance rover to space

    The Perseverance rover and its Ingenuity helicopter are finally on the journey to Mars. The spacecraft carrying the rover and helicopter successfully launched to Mars Thursday morning aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V 541 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 7:50 a.m. ET. The team in the control center at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory […]

  • SpaceX Launch Canceled Due To Bad Weather

    SpaceX and NASA will have to wait at least a few more days for their historic spaceflight. Launch officials announced at 4:17 p.m. Wednesday that rough weather would prevent a SpaceX rocket and capsule from taking off from a Florida launch pad, carrying NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley on the first crewed spaceflight to […]

  • Jan. 28 marks 33rd anniversary of Challenger space shuttle disaster

    Today marks a sad anniversary in U.S. history, 33 years ago today the American space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after liftoff in Cape Canaveral. The 1986 disaster took the lives of seven astronauts, including the most high profile crew member, 37-year-old teacher Christa McAuliffe of Concord, New Hampshire, who won a spot through NASA’s Teacher […]

  • Trump orders Pentagon to create U.S. Space Command

    President Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to create a unified combatant command for space operations, Vice President Mike Pence announced on Tuesday. “The U.S. Space Command will integrate space capabilities across all branches of the military, it will develop the space doctrine, tactic, techniques and procedures that will enable our war fighters to defend […]

  • SpaceX Launchs NASA’s Newest Planet-Hunting Spacecraft

    NASA’s newest planet-hunting spacecraft is scheduled for launch on one of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets Wednesday from the Florida coast. Hawthorne-based SpaceX delayed the launch, initially scheduled for earlier this week, so the rocket’s guidance, navigation and control system could be examined. Wednesday’s launch is set for 3:51 p.m. PT. NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, […]

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