• NBCares Silver Linings Hazelden Betty Ford

    Well, the Olympics are definitely in full swing and thousands of talented and dedicated athletes from all over the world are competing at the top of their games. We’ve also witnessed the pressure and stress that affects not only their performances, but their mental and emotional health as well. There are coping skills that help […]

  • Nearly 4 million US jobs have vanished forever

    (CNN) — There’s mounting evidence that the pandemic is dealing a lasting blow to the American economy, with millions of jobs vanishing forever. The number of unemployed people classified as permanently losing their old jobs climbed by 345,000 in September to a seven-year high of 3.8 million, according to seasonally adjusted numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That means […]

  • Michelle Obama says she’s suffering from ‘low-grade depression’

    Former First Lady Michelle Obama says she’s suffering from a “low-grade depression.” The reasons? The pandemic, race relations in the US and the political strife surrounding it all, she says. “I’m waking up in the middle of the night because I’m worrying about something or there’s a heaviness,” Obama said in her “The Michelle Obama […]

  • Promising Jobs Report in June

    The June jobs report was better some economists predicted. The unemployment rate fell 11.1 percent after adding 4.8 million jobs, that’s the second month in a row of growth after 20 million jobs were lost in April because of the pandemic. Dr. Christopher Thornberg one of the leading economists and expert in our region says […]

  • Father of Gunman in Riverside Says Son May Have Committed Suicide

    The father of the suspect in a Riverside gun battle that killed a California Highway Patrol officer and wounded two others said Tuesday he fears his son, suffering marital problems and depression, may have been trying to commit suicide by cop. Dennis Luther told reporters his son, Aaron Luther, 49, of Beaumont, was the man […]

  • 15-year-old boy dies by suicide after he was bullied for being gay

    Family members say an Alabama teenager killed himself after being bullied for his sexuality. Mother Camika Shelby told WAFF that she believes the bullying her 15-year-old son Nigel endured contributed to his decision to end his life. She said the Huntsville teen, who came out as gay two years ago, also struggled with depression. “With Nigel’s situation, […]

  • Man arrested for slapping stepdaughter’s 12-year-old bully

    A Texas man was recently arrested for slapping a 12-year-old boy in the face. He claims the boy was was bullying his young stepdaughter, according to police. James Peace, 37, of La Porte, Texas, had just picked up his stepdaughter from school when he saw the boy walking home with a friend in Harris County last Thursday […]

  • Man says emotional support alligator helps his depression

    A Pennsylvania man says his emotional support alligator helps him deal with his depression. Sixty-five-year-old Joie Henney, of York Haven, says his registered emotional support animal named Wally likes to snuggle and give hugs, despite being a 5-foot-long alligator. Philly.com reports Henney says he received approval from his doctor to use Wally as his emotional […]

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