• 911 dispatcher who told a drowning woman to ‘shut up’ will not face charges

    The Arkansas 911 dispatcher who scolded a woman crying on the phone before she drowned will not face criminal charges, an internal investigation ruled. A Fort Smith Police investigation into Debra Stevens’ death found that while the 911 dispatcher “violated policy by being rude to Stevens at times,” she hadn’t violated the law in her response. CNN […]

  • Boy calls 911 for homework help, dispatcher comes to his aid

    A 911 dispatcher in Lafayette, Indiana, has earned herself extra credit with her bosses after she took the time to aid a young caller seeking help with his homework. Antonia Bundy, who works for the Lafayette Police Department, answered a call earlier this month from a boy who told her he “had a really bad […]

  • Police Admit Mistake for Late Response to Kids Hanging on Second-Story Ledge

    Video of two children hanging out on a ledge in Vallejo is causing outrage and has sparked many big questions. Witnesses said they called 911 multiple times, but report police and fire crews took more than an hour to respond. The video shows two small children on a second-story window ledge. Nine-year-old Branson spotted the […]

  • Emergency Call Boxes Could Save You

    Riverside County, CA "Nine-one-one emergency, what are you reporting?" That’s what you want to hear when you call for help. But what do you do if you’re stranded on the freeway and your phone is dead?  "Even though most people have cell phones they’re not always going to be charged sometimes they end up dying you […]

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