• Palm Springs One of Top Water Users in California

    Palm Springs is one of the top water users in the state, despite a historic drought. “We are probably in the top 10%,” said Ashley Metzger, Director of Public Affairs & Water Planning for Desert Water Agency. In July, Governor Gavin Newsom called on Californians to voluntarily cut back on water by 15%. Instead, Desert […]

  • Officials Plan For California Water Crisis

    As drought conditions continue to intensify across California and a majority of the western part of the United States, experts explain what the state is doing in response and what ripple effects to expect down the road. “It reduces the size of their crops, it reduces the size of their herds, if they’re a rancher, […]

  • Heat Wave Making Dangerous Fire Conditions Worse

    The  heat wave is adding to the extreme fire conditions facing the state fire and emergency operations officials are gearing up for what could be another record breaking fire season. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, so far over a million acres have burned this year, topping last years number by nearly ten thousand […]

  • Gov. Newsom proposes $5.1 billion for drought emergency

    Governor Gavin Newsom proposed a $5.1 billion package for water infrastructure and drought response as part of his California Comeback Plan. The Governor’s office stated the package would address immediate, emergency needs, build regional capacity to endure drought and safeguard water supplies for communities, the economy and the environment. This proposal comes as part of a […]

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