• NBCares Silver Linings: Pay It Circle Waitress $2021 Tip

    In mid-January, we shared a story about Liz Ostoich, owner of Farm and Tac/Quila, who started the “Pay it Circle” campaign. With this initiative, her goal was to encourage local residents and visitors to patronize, rally around and perform random acts of kindness at local businesses in the Coachella Valley. Just a month later her […]

  • Coachella Passes ‘Hero Pay,’ Local Companies Opposed

    The city of Coachella has passed a ‘Hero pay’ ordinance for essential workers mandating a 4-dollar-an-hour raise for employees of large businesses.  The so-called hero pay is aimed to provide additional pay for restaurant, pharmacy and grocery store workers for at least 120 days. However the city of Coachella extended these hazard benefits to farmworkers.  […]

  • NBCares Silver Linings: COVID Child Care Service

    In March of 2019, several high school graduates realized the life-changing effects of a stay-at-home order because of the coronavirus pandemic. Since getting together was not an option, these mostly college students met up on Zoom and hatched an idea to help the community of essential workers. From that moment COVID Child Care was created. […]

  • NBCares Silver Linings: Bighorn Cares

    Since its inception in 2014, BIGHORN Cares has donated more than $2.4 million to support over 300 local non-profits. These organizations a real difference in the quality of life for people in the Coachella Valley. This year, the criteria was a little different for those requesting grants because of the many local nonprofits in need.  […]

  • Mecca Testing Site Plagued with Problems

    A disconnected phone ring is what Meregildo Ortiz received after calling the phone line and attempting several times to make an appointment to test for COVID-19. “I don’t have any symptoms, but i’m doing it for mine and my family’s protection. I work out in the fields everyday so I want to be sure, but […]

  • Mariachi Band Surprises North Shore Fieldworkers

    With music and food, Mariachi Tierra Mexican of Coachella and Mariachi Nuevo Amanecer showed their appreciation for fieldworkers at the SeaFront Ranch in the North Shore community. Juan Luis and his coworkers  have continued the essential work of harvesting food in the middle of a pandemic. “I can’t stop working. I need to pay for […]

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