• Shutdown problems mount as workers poised to miss another check

    Problems are piling up at the nation’s airports as workers affected by the government shutdown are poised to miss another paycheck. Unless the government reopens by midnight — which would take a miracle, since the White House and Democrats don’t appear to be speaking to one another — federal employees will go another pay cycle […]

  • Trump will deliver a State of the Union speech — location to be determined

    President Donald Trump is moving forward with plans to deliver a State of the Union address from the Capitol Jan. 29 — despite Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s request that he delay the speech or submit it in writing — a White House official told NBC News on Tuesday. “She invited, we accepted,” the White House official […]

  • FBI agents say shutdown is hampering counterterrorism, sex trafficking probes

    The partial government shutdown is hampering FBI investigations into terror suspects, drug traffickers and child sexual predators, according to a report by a group representing the federal law enforcement officers. The 72-page report, titled “Voices from the Field,” features dozens of firsthand accounts from unnamed agents detailing the ways the shutdown is hindering their work. “I currently investigate a […]

  • Scott: Congress shouldn’t get paid until the government reopens

    Sen. Rick Scott has co-sponsored a bill that would halt the pay of Congress during a government shutdown. “If other people aren’t getting paid—Coast Guard is not getting paid or other federal workers are not getting paid, we’re impacting our economy—why would congress-men and women and senators get paid?” Scott asked at a press conference […]

  • Canadian air traffic controllers buy pizza for US colleagues

    Canadian air traffic controllers have bought hundreds of pizzas for their American counterparts over the past few days in what has become an industry-wide show of support during the U.S. government’s partial shutdown. Peter Duffey, the head of the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association, said Sunday the initiative began Thursday when employees at Edmonton’s control […]

  • Man Carries Gun Onto Plane Undetected in Atlanta, TSA Says

    The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has acknowledged that a passenger bound for Tokyo passed through security in Atlanta with an undetected gun. News outlets cite an agency statement saying the passenger passed through “a standard screening TSA checkpoint with a firearm” at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Jan. 2. The passenger notified Delta Airlines officials […]

  • Joshua Tree National Park Closure Averted

    A temporary closure of Joshua Tree National Park scheduled for Thursday has been averted, thanks to revenue generated by recreation fees, the National Park Service says. Recently closed areas of the park will again be accessible to visitors starting Thursday. “This morning [Thursday] they were able to find additional funding for the park and so […]

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