• Ann Dowd and Reed Birney on the School Shooting Drama “Mass”

    Ann Dowd and Reed Birney play parents of a school shooter meeting the parents of one of the victims in the emotionally powerful “Mass.”  I can just sit and listen to both actors talk about “Mass” forever!  They’re so eloquent and sweet in describing the film and working with writer/director Fran Kranz.  Take a look and visually imagine what they are saying.  They’re magical!

  • Manny the Movie Guy Talk to Jason Isaacs About Emotionally Powerful “Mass”

    You may know Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” series but get ready to see him play a long-suffering father of a shooting victim in the fantastic “Mass” from writer/director Fran Kranz.  Isaacs stars as the husband of Martha Plimpton’s Gail and the film is about a meeting between the parents of the victim and the perpetrator’s mother and father played by Ann Dowd and Reed Britney respectively.

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