• Coronavirus myths and misinformation, debunked

    (CNN) — As the novel coronavirus — and panic about the coronavirus — continues to spread around the world, so too are bogus claims, conspiracy theories and misinformation about the disease. There’s so much inaccurate information floating around out there that the World Health Organization is calling it an “infodemic.” In perhaps the clearest sign of the times, WHO has joined […]

  • Amazon removes books promoting autism cures and vaccine misinformation

    Amazon is removing from its online marketplace “autism cure” books that unscientifically claim children can be cured of autism with pseudoscientific methods such as ingesting and bathing in a potentially toxic form of bleach and taking medication meant to treat arsenic and lead poisoning. Amazon confirmed Tuesday that the books “Healing the Symptoms Known as […]

  • Facebook will begin removing misinformation about vaccines from pages, groups

    The world’s largest social media site will soon take aim against anti-vaxxers. Facebook will start by lowering the ranking of groups and pages that spread misinformation about vaccinations in its news feed and search options, a representative said Wednesday. “These groups and pages will not be included in recommendations or in predictions when you type […]

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