• West Nile Discovered in Palm Desert

    Mosquitoes infected with West Nile virus were discovered in Palm Desert, signaling the first detection of the virus so far this year in Riverside County, officials announced Monday, The infected mosquitoes were collected from two traps — one near the Shadow Mountain Golf Club on Portola Avenue, and the other near Highway 74 and Mesa […]

  • Mosquito Virus Detected for the First Time in Coachella, North Shore

    Mosquito samples in Coachella and North Shore tested positive for sickness-inducing Saint Louis Encephalitis virus for the first time this year, the Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District reported Thursday. The test, conducted on Wednesday, showed that mosquito season may last longer this year than usual, said Tammy Gordon, public information officer for the […]

  • Aggressive ‘Ankle-Biter’ Mosquito Eating SoCal Alive

    A new species of mosquito going against the traditional modus operandi of attacking human flesh at dusk is tearing through Southern California, causing some residents to call it an “invasion.” The Aedes mosquito, or “ankle biter” as it’s not-so-affectionately being called, will aggressively nip at skin multiple times in one sitting, and will come out […]

  • Aedes Aegpyti Mosquitoes Detected in Rancho Mirage

    Mosquitoes capable of transmitting harmful viruses like Zika and yellow fever have been found in Rancho Mirage, prompting a round of planned door-to-door inspections, local vector control officials said Tuesday. Two Aedes aegypti mosquito larvae and four mosquito pupae were recently collected in a Rancho Mirage neighborhood, making it the eighth Coachella Valley city where […]

  • County’s First West Nile Infections of 2018 Confirmed

    Riverside County’s first two West Nile virus infections of the year were confirmed today by the Department of Public Health. According to county officials, a 74-year-old Riverside woman and a 50-year-old Eastvale man were admitted to hospitals for treatment. Both are expected to fully recover. The Department of Public Health said the patients underwent tests […]

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