• This ultra-massive black hole just broke a record

    Much like stars and planets, black holes also fall into different categories. Astronomers have now spotted a record-breaking heavyweight black hole at the center of a galaxy known as Holm 15A. The black hole weighs 40 billion times the mass of our sun. Holm 15A is a central elliptical galaxy within the Abell 85 cluster, […]

  • What to Expect From The Rancho Mirage Observatory

    Rancho Mirage, CA A "star" attraction will open this weekend in Rancho Mirage. The Coachella Valley’s first public telescope is opening for the universe to see. "It’s not something that will just be behind closed doors specifically for research purposes. This is for people to come and experience the night sky," says astronomer Eric McLaughlin. Story: Mother […]

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