• Spring in Yosemite Is Downright Waterfall-tastic

    CREATING AN IMPROMPTU WATERFALL… at home? You could fashion a super-miniature one, in the sink, for a moment, with a spoon or another kitchen implement. But the water that falls from the utensil will be weensy driplets, at best, and not the roaring, powerful, almost indescribably vast scene found at an actual waterfall on the […]

  • Wildflower Trail Opens as Potential Superbloom Nears

    If you installed some sort of high-tech wildflower alert center in your home, the kind of blinking walls often seen in the movies, like, when people go to the moon, then all of those little blinking lights are probably flashing quite brightly at the moment. For early March is go-time for several spots around Southern […]

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