• Volunteer Rescue Team Saves Little Boy Bitten By Snake

    To donate to this non profit organization made up of all volunteers click here: HEROES A member of Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and Rescue team cradles a little boy as he rushes him to a nearby ambulance. The four-year-old was bitten by a rattle snake on a Palm Springs hiking trail. “When you hear […]

  • Australian woman finds huge Burmese python on her porch

    (CNN) — Australia is famously home to all sorts of exotic animals, including snakes. However, one woman was still shocked to find a 4.5-meter (14.8-foot) albino Burmese python on her front porch in Oxenford, Queensland, on Monday. The 50-kilogram (110-pound) snake was large enough to eat a dog, and removing the animal required the specialist skills of snake […]

  • Deadly Snake Call Gives Animal Control Officer Reason to Chuckle

    A report of a poisonous snake slithering across the lawn of a Woodcrest home turned out to be no cause for alarm, but it did add a little comic relief to a Riverside County animal control officer’s routine, officials said Monday. According to Department of Animal Services spokesman John Welsh, the agency received a call […]

  • A woman woke up in her hotel room to find a snake on her arm

    Melinda Major was asleep in her hotel room in Memphis, Tennessee, on Friday morning when she felt something moving around on her arm. She was in town from Nashville for a doctor’s appointment and at first she thought it might have been her husband, until she remembered he wasn’t there with her. When she finally […]

  • 16-Foot Python, 50 Eggs Removed From Florida Everglades

    A 16-foot Burmese python and over 50 eggs were removed from under a house in the Florida Everglades during the holiday weekend. The female python, weighing about 165 pounds, was removed by Ron Bergeron, an Everglades conservationist. The python was one foot away from becoming the largest on record. The python’s nest was lodged within […]

  • Watch: Kangaroo Rat Delivers a Ninja-Like Spinning Kick to Drop Rattlesnake

    It’s the classic predator-prey matchup. A stealthy rattlesnake, patiently waiting for the right moment to strike a seemingly unsuspecting and vulnerable kangaroo rat. But high-speed video from researchers in Southern California reveals the surprising power of the little desert rodent’s reflexes and stunning combination of strength and agility. Unable to jump clear of the snake’s […]

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