• NBCares Silver Linings Unity Hope Church

    Unity Hope is crisis counseling assistance program available in the Coachella Valley. This organization offers free support and allows those in need to be or stay anonymous. The service is open to everyone dealing with stress or trauma in the community from COVID19. Assistance is available by phone at (833) 317-4673 or live chat at […]

  • NBCares Silver Linings Hugga

    Yonathan Azran is a financier whose passion is focused on doing good for patients who have chronic health problems and face frequent or long-term hospital visits. In the last quarter of 2020 Yonathan created HUGGA; a unisex collection of feel-good hospital or at-home robes, gowns and accessories made with love. Founder of Hugga Yonathan Azran […]

  • PSUSD’s Junior Black Achiever Advocates

    A group of students and teachers in the Palm Springs Unified school district are reaching out to their community and peers to help create a deeper understanding of their culture. The Junior Black Achievers is a collective that is offering academic enrichment, Black American and African history and mentors to the youth in the Palm […]

  • NBCares: Big Queen Bingo

    This is a story about putting the fun, in fundraising! Our beautiful Coachella Valley is one of the most generous and supportive communities you’ll find anywhere! Most of us have a cause we are passionate about and support, if not several. The question is, how can you get friends out to support your favorite nonprofit […]

  • Canadian air traffic controllers buy pizza for US colleagues

    Canadian air traffic controllers have bought hundreds of pizzas for their American counterparts over the past few days in what has become an industry-wide show of support during the U.S. government’s partial shutdown. Peter Duffey, the head of the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association, said Sunday the initiative began Thursday when employees at Edmonton’s control […]

  • Opinion: My Dad’s a Refugee Who Supports Trump

    For passers-by, it looked like a normal scene of a dad grabbing breakfast with his daughter. But I had my reporter hat on. A conversation earlier in the week, where we discussed children being separated from their parents at the border, prompted the interview. As a child and grandchild of war-torn immigrants from different parts […]

  • National Survey Finds Support For LGBTQ People Has Faltered

    Palm Springs, CA In an online survey of more than 2,100 adults, the bulk of which identified as non-LGBTQ, support for LGBTQ people across the country has fallen. "I’m not surprised," said West Hollywood resident and Palm Springs visitor Jonathan Bierner.  "It hasn’t surprised me at all," said Palm Springs resident Bill Kallmyer. Story: East Valley Hold First Annual […]

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