• Your Health Matters: Fertility Foods

    For those pondering pregnancy, it’s smart to get a jump start on your health. Prepping the body by eating well can help ensure a healthy outcome for both baby and mother. A local doctor has made it her mission to help future parents with preconception health, fertility, and pregnancy.

  • Your Health Matters: BioStrength

    Even though we can’t see them, bones play a crucial role in the overall function of our bodies. They protect vital organs like the heart, and serve as a frame for the body. We build it when we’re young, and try to preserve it as we age, but if you discover that your bone density […]

  • Your Health Matters: Live Your Wellest

    It’s always tough around the holidays to think about eating well and staying fit. To help us either keep on a healthy path or get us there, the Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau has kicked off the Live You Wellest campaign, offering deep discounts and special deals. All designed to promote the Coachella Valley […]

  • Your Health Matters: E-Sight Glasses

    Imagine the life-changing event of a legally blind person being able to see again. Well, that’s the case with one Coachella Valley man who began using E-Sight glasses. Hudson Mark was born with perfect eyesight, but just about ten years ago his vision began to rapidly decline. “My field of vision started to narrow; so […]

  • Boxing to Knock Out Parkinson’s Disease

    Research shows that forceful exercises like boxing can help keep at bay some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s, help with balance, and build stamina. When patients are dedicated to the program, they can reap some big rewards. It’s all about high energy and power. It’s amazing to see, when you remember that everyone in the […]

  • Congressman Ruiz Discusses the Cleaning Product Labeling Act

    Coachella Valley Region Congressman Raul Ruiz currently has a bill in committee that would mandate cleaning products have labels listing every ingredient in them, so that consumers know if the products they’re using are safe. It’s called, "The Cleaning Product Labeling Act of 2017." The Congressman says his bill would help promote transparency so consumers […]

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