CSUSB Celebrates 30 Years in the Desert

CSUSB Celebrates 30 Years in the Desert

Trino Martinez

Palm Desert, CA

As students celebrate the 30 years of CSU-San Bernardino Palm Desert campus, there’s no better birthday present than the future plans for the university.

"We have created a master plan for the next ten to twenty years with a complete build-out of the 170 acres that palm desert was so generous to give to us," says CSUSB Dean, Dr. Sharon Brown-Welty.

What is now vacant land, will one day be turned into a bustling college.

The campus will eventually be able to enroll up to 8,000 students, compared to the 1,400 students who currently attend. 

"We are looking at building academic buildings and fields, athletics fields, and add new programs, student union, a library, and residence halls, we will actually build some residence halls," says Dr. Brown-Welty. 

The nearest four-year university for students in the Coachella Valley is about 80 miles west, and having a campus close to home makes earning a degree much easier.

Eduardo Bautisto is a Indio resident who benefits from a four year university in the valley, "having a university so close to home is very great financially but… having a family near by you know, gives you more of a incentive and emotional support to keep on going and get through the strains of life."

CSUSB Palm Desert first opened its doors inside the college of the desert. Now, 30 years later, the campus will see their first freshman class graduate. 

Renata Flores is a part of that graduating class, "throughout these four years I saw this campus grow so much, and I’m proud of what’s happening. Before we used to have 25 people out at an event and now we have a big crowd of students."

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