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Indio, CA

The next leaders may well be in the Coachella Valley. "Angel Light Academy" is teaching leadership skills to kids from the desert and they’ve been doing it for 19 years. 

Alyssa Avila is a conference leader and says she’s noticed a difference. 

"The first started it was more like oh they have I have the resources for them to help me and now that I’ve been trained to do this, it’s life changing to be able to see how people are affected and how we are able to change them with our own life experiences," says Avila. 

The conference was designed to help kids build their confidence to pursue their personal and careers goals. 

Conference co-founder, Julia Wilmot says, "we want them to have a dream, we want them to say I can what I need to be, what I want to be, I need to have education to get there, I know that I have to have training to get there, I have to trust somebody to help me out and then go for it!"

Even former leaders comeback to share their experiences with the current kids. Diego Zamora is now in college but he returned this year.

He says, "Some of these kids may not have the best of life, some of them have a better life but when we come here they will always be equal and then from here they will always strive to be better and better in life."

The Annual Youth Leadership Conference takes place the second weekend of March. For more information click HERE

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