Women Inspire Girls at Career Girls Day

Women Inspire Girls at Career Girls Day

Martín Di Felice

Palm Desert High School hosted the inaugural Career Girls Day: an educational opportunity for 5th-9th grade girls to learn career building skills from women.

The truth is, it may be more difficult for these girls to achieve their goals.

According to the Department of Labor: "although women are now working in more fields than ever, they are still more likely to work in lower-paying jobs than men are, and they remain underrepresented in many occupations. "

"Some people will judge you on the way you look," says local career woman Kate Spates. "I’m actually a computer nerd and they think there is no way you’re a computer nerd- you’re actually a cheerleader- and that is not true."

But on Saturday, girls got a jump start at Career Girl’s Day.

"(It is) an opportunity to offer young woman in this community the chance to meet professional woman and understand how we get to the places where we are," says Merry Perry, Desert Sands Unified School District’s Public Information Officer.

Girls heard from woman who work in an array of fields from robotics to film making and in the medical industry.

The event was in collaboration with Career Girls -a career planning website.

One dad says the girls’ only event is a special opportunity for his daughter.

"There is not a lot of jobs where woman have a high visibility so it is great for her to come to something like this and see there is a whole world and range of opportunities out there, " said Indio dad, Kris Kramer.