Idyllwild Store Owner Runs Shop Out of Home, Opens Up to Customers

Idyllwild Store Owner Runs Shop Out of Home, Opens Up to Customers

Martín Di Felice

Idyllwild, CA

It’s a quick trip up Highway 74, nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains.

"There are a lot of mom and pa shops, there’s a community here." said Ryan Jackson, a town local at the downtown coffee shop.

Alittle funk echoes through the Idyllwild trees.

"Unbridled creative energy…just kind of spewing…and it’s awesome," he said.

Peter Buhl is the owner of The Funky Bazaar.

"The quality of my playing records are really really good," said Buhl.

Locals say he’s eccentric and has his own unique taste. Jackson even calls him the "punk rock hippie Willy Wonka".

It’s mainly because of his top hat, cane, coat tails and his witty yet eloquent dialogue.

"If you’re grouchy, i won’t let you in…i’ll send you on your way," says Buhl, as he welcomes new customers into his home.

He’s just as unique as his shop which is actually his home.

"They’re coming into my home, therefore they’re not just customers," he said.

More than half of the items inside are his. The other half is artwork from local artists, needing a place to showcase their talents. You might see clutter but Buhl see’s memories.

"I was a collector since i was 10, so the records, the books, artwork and comics," he said.

But buhl has strict guidelines as mentioned in his minute and a half spiel as customers first enter his home.

"I reserve that room and most of that floor, for those local artists who do not…do birds, squirrels, landscapes, bears, mountains, flowers, butterflies, pussycats, wolves, horses, unicorns or rainbows…that’s why it’s the smallest art gallery in Idyllwild," he mentions in one breath.

In a town full of character, Buhl adds to the uniqueness of what attracts millions to these parts every year.

"Everybody gets to express themselves and have a safe place to do it," said Jackson. "I think peter’s shop is a unique flavor for Idyllwild."

It’s a place all ages can enjoy and all interests are satisfied..

"So, have at it…enjoy yourself," said Buhl.