Palm Springs to Update Residents on Vacation Rental Enforcement

Palm Springs to Update Residents on Vacation Rental Enforcement

Trino Martinez

Palm Springs, CA

The city of Palm Springs will update residents tomorrow on efforts to bring short-term rentals into compliance with the city’s new vacation rental ordinance, which set a number of new restrictions on the operation and establishment of such properties within the city.

Residents are also encouraged to share their thoughts Tuesday regarding how the ordinance, which went into effect April 16, has or hasn’t been effective at curbing issues involving short-term rental guests. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at the Palm Springs Convention Center, in the Primrose B room.

In passing the ordinance, city officials said the booming vacation rental industry severely reduced the availability of affordable housing and led to issues with rowdy guests, including noise violations, disorderly conduct, traffic congestion, vandalism and illegal parking.

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The ordinance placed restrictions on current and new vacation rental owners and increased enforcement measures, which included the formation of a vacation rental enforcement department.

Earlier this year, Palm Springs police Chief Bryan Reyes said he supported a separate enforcement entity, and the “team approach in addressing vacation rental compliance as well as those illegally operating.” “The recently passed ordinance frees up my officers to address crime — rather than continue to respond to thousands of calls dealing with guests at vacation rentals — and that is always my top priority,” Reyes said in January.

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In a news release issued last week, officials said they believe the enforcement measures have been effective, with most of the city’s 2,100 vacation rentals operating within the rules. “The great majority of vacation rental operators comply with the new rules, and we appreciate and commend those property owners and agencies who work with our staff to help improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods,” City Manager David Ready said. “Moreover, under the new ordinance, residents who are experiencing issues with a vacation rental can feel confident that the city will respond appropriately.”

City officials said that since Jan. 1, eight rental permits have been suspended and six are in the process of being permanently revoked. There have been 185 citations issued for various violations and 16 citations were issued for unregistered properties, which under the new ordinance is punishable by a minimum $5,000 fine and potentially permanent ineligibility to operate a vacation rental.

Those who experience non-emergency issues with vacation rentals near them should call the Vacation Rental Ordinance Hotline at (760) 322-8383, and not the police.

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