Ride Across America to STOMP Out Shame Update: Randy Boyd makes it to Prescott, Arizona

News Staff

A dream Randy Boyd, a La Quinta had 5 years ago, became a reality on June 18th when he took off on a 2,300-mile bike ride across America to be the voice for sexually abused males.

4 days and 340 miles in, Randy and his wingman, Eddie Ficshe, arrived safely in Prescott, Arizona.

"It was tough today,” Randy explained. “I knew it would be. Friday and Saturday, I’m going to be facing the same challenge. I actually have more climbing to do on those two days to get to Flagstaff, Arizona."

Today alone Randy conquered 5,000 feet of climbing up 68 miles. 

Story: La Quinta Resident Set to ‘Ride Across America to Stomp Out Shame’

"Randy is captain courageous,” Eddie said. “He’s incredible. That video coming up ‘Bloody Basin’ was just a wonderful angle and grabbed the essence of what he’s doing."

Besides the heat and mountains, Randy hasn’t faced too many obstacles yet.

"I’ve only had two flat tires, two dead skunks, and a dead racoon in the road. That’s it.” Randy said.

After today’s climb, we asked him how it felt to be in a hotel room.

"I’m trying not to fall asleep,” Randy joked. “It feels comfortable. It’s comfortable. I’ll sleep like a baby tonight I know that."

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