Cathedral City Residents Deal With Repavement Construction

News Staff

Cathedral City, CA

Some residents who live near 30th avenue in Cathedral City have been asking the city for months and even years to fix the road between Da Vall Drive and Date Palm Drive. Now those wishes are finally coming true. 

Tires on a rocky road is a familiar sound for the neighborhood.

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Stefano Disalvo said 30th avenue was so bad the axle on his car broke.

"The road was horrible. It was filled with potholes and had a bunch of bumps in it," Disalvo said.

He said his baby would wake up crying when trucks went by from the noise.

"The value of my property, sleeping, I have a young baby that the noise would constantly wake him up," he said about how the road affected his family.

But now neighbors are getting used to a different road sound.

"During the afternoon, all of a sudden the whole house starts shaking like an earth quake," Sean McGee, a resident in the area, said. 

Construction crews will be paving an entire mile stretch on 30th avenue from Da Vall Drive to Date Palm Drive, as well as, Mccallum Way from Landau Boulevard to Date Palm Drive. 

Some residents in the area can feel their homes shaking from the construction. But its no earthquake, and despite the frustrating noise, neighbors are excited for it to be finished.

"I think it’ll be nice to get that road done for the school, the church and the rest of the neighborhood," McGee said.

Disalvo said he’s just excited his family can finally get a good nights rest.

The repavement project is expected to be done by August 8th.

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