UPDATE: Sources Reveal New Information on Missing Couple

UPDATE: Sources Reveal New Information on Missing Couple

Martín Di Felice

Coachella Valley Region

Since their disappearance three months ago we’ve heard from the families and friends of 28-year-old Jonathan Darling Reynoso and 26-year-old Audrey Moran. They’ve been pleading to anyone who knows something to come forward. They’ve passed out thousands of flyers, had prayer vigils and even raised a big $10,000 reward with the help of the community. Still nothing. And investigators with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department have held on to what they know or don’t know.

But in the search for the truth and in hopes Jonathan and Audrey come home we reached out to Luis Bolanos, a private investigator with over 30 years of experience. What does his gut tell him? Are Jonathan and Audrey out there somewhere or has the worst happened? 

"There still missing until you prove to me that they’re not just missing anymore and that’s the goal of the investigation to find out where the ended up, where they are?" says Bolanos.

And to do that he says investigators go back  weeks before they vanished, they look at phone and computer records but the most important sources are those who knew them best, "To families and friends of Jonathan and Audrey is to be as open and transparent with law enforcement as you possibly can, even if you’re afraid in which you may tell them may be negative," he says adding that the chain of events that led up to their disappearance usually holds the answer, "back to the time line, the time line is the key to this whole thing, you know that’s going to identify individuals you need to interview first."

According to investigators: sometime after 8 o’clock on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, Audrey visited her sister and told her she was going to pick up Jonathan who needed a ride after a trip back from Brawley with a group of friends no one seems to know. Two days later they found her car abandoned on the side of the 10 Freeway in Beaumont, a bloodhound tracked their scent. 

The Brawley trip stands out to him. He wants to know where are these friends and if anyone has spoken with them? And a never before seen image of the pizza box found in Jonathan’s Palm Desert apartment confirms, what we first reported months ago, he ordered pizza at 5:44 that night . By the time it was delivered then eaten it seems nearly impossible to make a one and a half hour trip to Brawley and back in time for Audrey to meet him past 8:00 o’clock that night when she texted her mom the picture used on the flyers. 

"To this day I still don’t know if he actually ever made it to those friends, if they’ve ever been interviewed, it doesn’t look like he made it that way," he says. 

But does he think Jonathan and Audrey were ever in Beaumont where her car was found with no signs of struggle? 

"And the bloodhound tracked them for about 50 feet which could be indicative of them getting into different vehicle and I’ve got to tell you, the Riverside County bloodhound is one of the best in the nation, they’re excellent at what they do so I put a lot of value in that," says Bolanos.

We’ve come to find out through multiple credible sources Jonathan and Audrey were not dating exclusively. While it’s not uncommon or odd sources tell us a man Audrey was dating, whose name we will not yet reveal, was not only questioned by police, but  he torched his car after reporting it missing and also had a search warrant served on his home. 

"If somebody is under suspicion for any crime and out of the blue they end up torching their vehicle … that’s very suspicious," he says.

But he doesn’t rule out the possibility Jonathan and Audrey don’t want to be found. While the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has their status as "missing under suspicious circumstances"  at one point, for unknown reasons the California Department of Justice had a different status.

"It caught my eye immediately that on these flyers they’re both listed as "voluntary missing adults," he says. 

Their status has since been changed on the site. But he says in the off chance that’s the case they should not be afraid to come forward, "It’s okay, I would say just make a phone call and let someone you care about know you’re okay and come back or don’t come back but at lease let someone know you’re okay." 

Bottom line he says  two people did not simply vanish without at least one person knowing where they are or how to find them, "Somebody out there knows and somebody needs to make the call and do the right thing and let’s find Jonathan and Audrey and lets bring some peace to their family and friends.

We want to stress investigators have not listed anyone as a suspect. 
We reached out to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, again they would not comment on the case. Bolanos says this is also telling. He says they’re either close or have hit a wall. Either way he says everyone needs to do their part to find Jonathan and Audrey.

If you have any information call the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department at (760)-393-3544.