Bermuda Dunes Man Missing For Nearly Two Weeks

News Staff

Bermuda Dunes, CA

A Bermuda Dunes man has been missing for almost two weeks, and now his family is asking for help to find him before it’s too late.

"We all wake up with a stomach ache because it just makes you nauseous, it makes you sad," said Sandy Matussek.

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Matussek’s son, Sean Matussek, was last seen in Indio on Aug. 16. Her days are now spent praying he comes home safe.

"My gut is telling me that something’s not right because I would hear from him at least," Matussek said.

On Aug. 16th, Sean Matussek said he was going to make a few errands, but he never came home. 

"Few hours went by, more hours went by, and he never showed up," Matussek explained.

However, on Aug. 20, his mother received a text from Sean.

"He says, ‘Hey mom! I’m fine. I’ll explain and be home today. Love you guys,’" Matussek read.

Matussek said the text gave her false hope.

"That text was at 2:00 in the morning, and I’m sure it was a dream, but probably at 4:30 in the morning I heard some noise, came running down the stairs, thinking he didn’t have his key and he wasn’t there. It wasn’t him," she said. 

Matussek said she fears the worst could happen.

"I’m worried. He had brain surgery two years ago and mentally I know it threw him for a big loop," she explained. "Maybe he’s stuck somewhere and he can’t get home."

Matussek said she is begging Sean to please come home.

"I need to hear your voice. I need to know it’s you, but call and, if for any reason, you’re not ready to come home, just call and let us know you’re OK. Let us know you’re safe, please," she begged.

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