Shop Owners Take Storefront Back From Panhandler

Shop Owners Take Storefront Back From Panhandler

Trino Martinez

Palm Springs, CA

Just yesterday shop owners were upset that Patrick Bradley continued to harass their customers, scaring them away. Today, those same shop owners took action to get their storefront back.

“We have decided to go ahead and get a restraining order.”

Patricia Nelson, the owner of Great Shakes in downtown Palm Springs, told us after and she and her husband were panhandled by Patrick Bradley. He claims to be a disabled veteran, but police say the wheelchair and war story may just be a sympathy ploy.

Sergeant William Hutchinson says that Mr. Bradley can walk just fine, something that Patricia has seen. Over the years, Patricia thought about filing a restraining order against Bradley, but there was one thing that was holding her back.

“You get used to nobody doing anything and that’s my fault. You get lackadaisical because you just think well, that’s just something we have to put up with.”

That is, until now.

“And then somebody like you comes along and gets us rattled up know what…we don’t have to put up and people shouldn’t have to put up with it and the support we got this morning from your interview yesterday…it was amazing. People I don’t know were walking their dogs and saying thank you, all positive and thanking me.”

It was the community that motivated her to take the next step.

“I am going through with it. We got online today and it’s very easy to do, just takes a little time, so we’ll see what happens.”

So now, all there’s left to do is take a wait and see approach.

“He knows how to disappear, he knows how to go away but he always comes back.”

Nevertheless, this isn’t going to keep her from taking control of her shop again.

“It’s kind of that feeling again of alright, we’re going to do something about it…so I feel good, I feel good…”

KMIR has looked for Patrick Bradley for the last two days to get his side of the story, but he was nowhere to be found. Also, just to clarify, so far Mr. Bradley has committed misdemeanors and not felonies. At this point police have requested charges, but now it is up to the d-a to file them and press charges.

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