Cathedral City Girl’s Basketball Start New Year with New Resolutions

Cathedral City Girl’s Basketball Start New Year with New Resolutions

Martín Di Felice

Cathedral City, CA

"Well today is New years so we’re here, we’ve been here since ten o’clock," says Cathedral City High School Girl’s Head Basketball Coach Marques Hill.

"It was morning practice too but we have a game tomorrow so you gotta come to practice," says Junior Shooting Guard Nina Wallace

And Cathedral City’s girl’s basketball team came to practice with New Year’s resolutions. "We want a ring and CIF and we want to win DVL as well. And become closer as a team," says Junior Power Forward Tatiana Witherspoon.

"Our New Year’s resolution is to go ahead and win CIF. If we can win CIF then I think everybody, varsity, freshman, JV will all be happy," says Coach Hill.

When ask if they remembered the last time they won a title, Wallace replied, "No. Yeah it’s been a long time."

"Last time they won a league title was 2004 so it’s been more than a decade," says Coach Hill. As for a state title, "CIF girls’ have never won here but this is probably the best start the girls have had in school history," he says.

The Lions are currently 9-2 and undefeated in league play. While putting up major points with a little extra motivation, "Our first game he bet us if we get to one-hundred points we would get free backpacks this year," says Hill.

"I didn’t think they’d make it that fast. It was the first game of the year and when we got that hundred-eleven it was like ‘Oh great, now I got to buy you guys’ backpacks. Now they want to keep making a hundred points so I told them to just keep pushing and we’ll get it," says Coach Hill.

Being a good sign, 2018 could be Cathedral City’s year.  "We have a connection and we have good chemistry on the court," says Witherspoon.

"We’re making it like a playoff series or like it’s a tournament. One game at a time. We win that game then we’ll move on to the next person and we’ll talk about them," says Coach Hill.