Palm Springs City Council To Vote On Removing ‘Racist’ Trees

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Palm Springs, CA

The Palm Springs city council will vote tonight on whether to remove a line of tamarisk trees along Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort. Some have said the trees were planted to separate the golf course from what was a predominantly black neighborhood.

"I think they should stay. Maybe they could trim them and come down to a decent height. And clean it up," said neighborhood resident Phillip Davis.

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"I think the trees should go out," said neighborhood resident Michael Dorsey.

Some argue the trees were first planted to separate the golf course from what was at the time a predominantly black neighborhood. Others have different theory.

"It was a wind break. It’s plain and simple. The wind used to blow out here so much and there was nothing out there and the golf course was relatively new so they didn’t have much grass out there so I’m thinking it was more of a wind break," said Carl Brenagh.  

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But for some the trees provide much needed shade during the brutal summer months.

"Well they were a selling point for me buying the house. They provide a lot of shade and again they do somewhat of a good job preventing the golf balls from coming over here," said neighborhood resident Donald Archer.

Others say not good enough.

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"My main problem is the golf balls coming through here and hitting the windows right here. And this is a big problem. Good thing I have double pane. This just happened the other day. I replaced the one before it," said Brenagh.

Some residents say the trees are lowering property values in the neighborhood. Others worry about paying more taxes if the trees come down.

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