Pete Carlson’s Athlete of the Week: Wes Lynch

Pete Carlson’s Athlete of the Week: Wes Lynch

Martín Di Felice

Rancho Mirage, CA

It’s hard to believe this is Wes Lynch’s first year on the Rancho Mirage High School basketball team.

"It’s been hard,” Lynch said. “It’s been ups and downs. It’s been a lot of tough, hard work, but eventually I got to Varsity and I’ve been helping out the team quite a bit."

The now senior and two-time junior varsity MVP finally got his chance.

"I really like kids that can shoot the ball,” Rancho Mirage basketball head coach Rob Hanmer explained. “Wes can definitely shoot the ball."

The kid averages 15 points a game but no one was expecting Lynch to almost triple his career high.

"I mean the most I had is like twenty-five,” Lynch explained. “So, fifty-nine, I never imagined that but my teammates gave me the ball and I had a lot of confidence. I just kept raining three’s."

16 of those shots being behind the arc against Desert Mirage High School. That performance landed him on national television.

"I watch SportsCenter every night and I didn’t see it that night which is weird because I watch it every night.” Lynch explained. “It was funny I couldn’t believe it at all. I had twitter notifications, everyone was trying to text me, it was crazy. But I eventually saw it. It was funny, I couldn’t believe it at all."

Lynch doesn’t dream of playing with the pro’s, but he looks up to one.

"Steph Curry definitely Steph Curry," Lynch explained. "He wasn’t the best, he wasn’t the strongest, he wasn’t the tallest, but he’s worked his way up. I feel like I’ve done the same thing. I’ve worked my way up, worked hard, and got to this point now."