SunLine Transit Agency Launching New Zero Emission Bus

News Staff

Thousand Palms, CA

SunLine Transit Agency launched its new zero emission bus Friday during a ceremony at SunLine headquarters in Thousand Palms.

The new battery-powered electric bus, which SunLine officials say emits only water from its hydrogen fuel cell, will be unveiled Friday morning. Sunline says it has the capability to cover a 250 to 300-mile daily route, according to SunLine.

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"After testing numerous fuel cell technology configurations over the years, we believe we may have identified the configuration that will allow the transit and heavy duty industry to successfully deploy fuel cell technology over the next decade," said SunLine General Manager Lauren Skiver.

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The agency says the bus can be produced at far less expense than usual thanks to funding from the Federal Transit Administration and the California Energy Commission.

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"We greatly appreciate the support provided by both the Federal Transit Administration and the California Energy Commission for this project," said John Boesel, president and CEO of CALSTART, an organization that works with transit and government agencies to develop and implement clean transportation initiatives. "The funding from these two agencies enabled the team to develop a new pathway for a full service zero emission bus. This bus, tested first by SunLine Transit, will provide yet another option for transit districts looking to make the shift to zero emissions."?

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