Setting-up “CAMP” in Downtown Palm Springs

Setting-up “CAMP” in Downtown Palm Springs

Martín Di Felice

They are pounding nails and painting sidewalks in Downtown Palm Springs, they are building a "CAMP" right in front of the art museum.

"CAMP", Community And Meeting Place, is the headquarter for Modernism Week, that begins on Thursday, and visitors like Nancy Hoffmann and Margot Milias, marvel at the transformation of the event.

Hoffmann said, "It’s creative, it’s interesting, certainly more interesting than the golf course tends to be."

The week long event celebrates the design of the desert, from historic homes to contemporary art.

The event’s CEO, Chris Mobley, said they began their planning several months ago.

Mobley said, "We put our heads together for about four to five months coming up with something new to keep people coming back."

He said this year they are adding more free events and expanding their showings outside of Palm Springs. And Mobley said the appeal of Modernism Week is winning over former skeptics.

"My parents, I try to get them out here for years for Modernism Week and they are like well we don’t like mid-century architecture," Mobley said. "And I say it is a lot more than that, it’s fashion, it’s culture, it’s parties, it’s high energy so come on out, they came out two years ago, they’ve been back ever since, they absolutely love it."

And his folks will be amongst the 100,000 people expect through out the many events. Events even New Yorkers like Hoffmann, said blow her away, "This is a wonderful, wonderful treat to be here, I had no idea."

You may find a full list of Modernism Week events here.