Experts Say Having a Plan Can Save Your Life During A Mass Shooting

Experts Say Having a Plan Can Save Your Life During A Mass Shooting

Martín Di Felice

Coachella Valley Region

While we watched the chaos and heartbreak unfold at yet another school shooting, experts say we should use this time to talk about what we can do as a community to be prepared if this should happen here. 

According to the non profit Everytown For Gun Safety this makes the 18th school shooting this year. 

So every time we hear of these tragedies we are alarmed and feel vulnerable.

But Indio Police Sergeant Dan Marshall says we should instead take this opportunity to find ways to empower ourselves and our loved ones, so we not only prevent these types of tragedies but also know what to do if we ever find ourselves in this situation.

"During these times one should always talk to your children talk to each other have an open discussion and be aware of your surroundings, and where you’re at, you know there is a campaign it’s terrible that we even have to have it, called run, hide, fight where those are the three things that you should do when you’re faced with that but we shouldn’t look at those in a linear perspective, we should look at those as those are our options …people should take a mindset of not to be a victim but be a warrior a survivor a person who’s going to get through this. I‘ve talked to our school resource officers and kind of their saying is if their children are in the classroom, stay down, spread out, don’t group up listen to your teachers, listen to the adults who are telling you what to do."

He says it’s also important to have a communication plan with your child and their school and stay informed on the latest information with social media, because you don’t want to become part of the problem by clogging major roads needed for first responders because schools often evacuate children off site.

Marshall says he can’t stress enough the importance of "see something, say something," and if you’re a gun owner, keep you guns locked away.

"Our thoughts and prayers go to everyone touched by this tragedy," says Marshall.