Family First: Saving For Your First Home

Family First: Saving For Your First Home

Martín Di Felice

Indio, CA

Some realtors tell KMIR News buying a first home is not as difficult as it appears. Lauren and Aaron Seuss are first time home buyers in the Coachella Valley, but just over a year ago, they were renters. “When we got married, we rented a condo down in Indio,” Aaron Seuss explained. 

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Lauren Seuss said as their family expanded, they knew they wanted to buy a place of their own. “We liked living there, but we wanted more space. We got a puppy,” she said. The Seuss’ said they were tired of paying rent to something they did not own. “We wanted to have a place that we could make our own, and not feel like there was always a clock on renting and a count down to when the lease was up,” Aaron Seuss added.

Ross Stout, a realtor with KUD Properties in Palm Desert, suggested putting the money they were spending on rent into something they could own. “Home ownership is closer than you think,” Stout explained, “Once you make that initial investment, you’re looking at what you’re probably paying in rent to own a home,” Stout added.

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Aaron Seuss said he was surprised to find out much less daunting the process actually was. “I think you can get more than you expect. Once you know what you want, you can at least plan, if that’s not what you want to do,” he said.

Stout said he suggests keeping a monthly budget and finding places in the budget one can cut. Stout said something as simple as cutting out Starbucks trips can help save for a first home.  “I think every dollar matters, and if you can allot that to something that is going to benefit your future, rather than a quick fix, then I think that’s smart move,” Stout said.

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Lauren Seuss said saving for their first home took a lot of restraint, but was manageable. “People wanted to go on a weekend trip and we said, ‘No’. We said, ‘No’ to a lot to a lot of things for about a year,” she said.

Being frugal allowed the Seuss’ to pay off debt and put the money towards their down payment. Aaron Seuss said while they are enjoying being home owners, there are more responsibilities to owning. “We moved in and the dishwasher broke, and we had to buy a fridge, so that’s also something that you have to put into consideration,” Seuss said.

Lauren Seuss said while it is more responsibility, they are happy. “It’s nice to have a place that’s comfortable and you own and makes you feel safe,” she said.